• Admission Form Submission Last Date: April 24, 2024 (Wednesday), Physically/Online through admission.uiu.ac.bd
  • Admission Viva-Voce: April 26, 2024 (Friday)

[No Night Classes, Class-I: 8:30 am-11:00 am, Class-II: 11:01 am-1:30 pm, Class-III: 2:30 pm-5:00 pm]

[MSCSE by Thesis, MSCSE by Project, MSCSE by Course]

Major Tracks:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Cyber Security
  3. Data Science
  4. Health Informatics
  5. Intelligent Computing
  6. Network, and Communication Engineering
  7. Software Engineering


Prof. Dr. Md. Motaharul Islam
Director, MSCSE UIU
Cell: 01712644837
Email: motaharul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Mr. Ali Muhammad Istiak
Executive, MSCSE Program Office
Room: 418-B 
Cell: 01795449890
Email: istiak@admin.uiu.ac.bd  

 Facilities for MSCSE UIU:

  • Friday/Saturday Classes only (No classes at night, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM)
  • Payment of Tuition Fee by Three Installments
  • 100% tuition fee and other fees waiver for Meritorious and Poor Students of Underdeveloped Regions of Bangladesh
  • At least two colleagues (currently in the same organization) admitted in the same trimester will get a 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Tuition fee Waiver for freedom fighter quota (100% Tuition waiver)
  • 20% tuition fee waiver for siblings, husband-wife
  • 25% scholarship based on HSC, Undergraduate, and Master [ if applicable] result
  • Scholarship based on MSCSE, UIU Trimester result (100%, 50%, 25%)
  • Arrangement for Student Loan (Interest-Free) for continuing MSCSE UIU study
  • Non-Tuition Fee is very low.  No Development or other costs as a non-tuition fee.
  • Tribal students’ 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Programming contest or physics/Math/Informatics Olympiad participants 75%-100% Tuition fee waiver
  • A UIU family member will get a 40% tuition fee waiver if service is more than 3 years
  • Spouses or Siblings of a UIU employee will get a 50% tuition fee waiver
  • Government employees will get a 25% tuition fee waiver
  • Defense personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force) will get a 25% tuition fee waiver
  • 25% tuition fee waiver for Foreigners
  • For disabled students 50% tuition fee waiver [Medical Certificate Required]
  • No admission test for UIU Ex-students, and a 25% tuition fee waiver
  • 40% Tuition Fee Waiver for an employee of United Group
  • MSCSE syllabus incorporated 4IR (4th Industrial Revolution) courses
  • Research Oriented Faculty with Industry/Academia Combinations
  • MSCSE (Major Health Informatics/Major BI) for BBA/BA/Any Track students (Must have HSC Science background)
  • UIU QS ranked university
  • Pioneering role in OBE (Outcome Based Education) in Bangladesh for Washington Accord

Names of Master of Science in CSE (MSCSE), UIU Degrees:

MSCSE By Thesis (Major Track)MSCSE By Project (Major Track)MSCSE By Course (Major Track)
S/W EngineeringS/W EngineeringS/W Engineering
Data ScienceData ScienceData Science
Cyber SecurityCyber SecurityCyber Security
Health InformaticsHealth InformaticsHealth Informatics
Business Intelligence (BI)Business Intelligence (BI)Business Intelligence (BI)
Intelligent ComputingIntelligent ComputingIntelligent Computing
Network & Communication EngineeringNetwork & Communication EngineeringNetwork & Communication Engineering
No MajorNo MajorNo Major

Course Teachers for MSCSE UIU:

  1. Prof Dr. Md. Abul Kashem Mia – VC, UIU; Ex. Head, CSE, and DSW & Exam Controller, BUET
  2. Prof. Dr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman-Professor, CSE and Advisor to the BOT, Ex-VC, UIU, and Ex. Head, CSE, BUET   (On-Leave)
  3. Prof.  Dr. Hasan Sarwar- Professor, CSE, UIU, and Ex. Head, CSE, UIU
  4. Prof. Dr. Md. Nurul Huda-Professor & Head of CSE Dept., UIU
  5. Prof.  Dr. Kh. A Al Mamun-Professor, CSE, UIU and Director, IRIIC, UIU
  6. Prof.  Dr. Salekul Islam-Professor and Director IQAC, UIU
  7. Prof. Dr. A K M Muzahidul Islam-Professor, CSE, UIU and Director-CIAC,  UIU
  8.  Prof. Dr. Motaharul Islam-Professor and Director MSCSE, UIU
  9. Prof. Dr. Dewan Md. Farid-Professor, CSE, UIU
  10. Prof. Dr. Al-Sakib Khan Pathan-Professor, CSE, UIU
  11. Prof. Dr. Swakkhar Shatabda- Professor and Director of Data Science, UIU
  12. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shahriar Rahman- Professor, CSE, UIU and CITS Director, UIU
  13.   Dr. Saddam Hossain Mukta- Associate Prof and Undergrad Coordinator, CSE, UIU
  14. Dr. Muhammad Nomani Kabir- Associate Prof, CSE, UIU
  15. Dr. Riasat Azim- Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU
  16. Dr. Suman Ahmmed-Assistant Professor and Director-CDIP, CSE, UIU
  17. Mr. Mamun Elahi- Assistant Professor and CCNA LMC, CSE, UIU 
  18. Ms. Rubaiya Rahtin Khan- Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU
  19. Dr. Novia Nurain- Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU
  20. Mr. Nahid Hossain- Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU

Offered Courses for Spring-2024

  1. To be published soon

Notable MSCSE by Thesis Graduates of UIU doing their Ph.D.:

  1. Dr. Dewan Md. Farid-PhD, JU, Bangladesh (Completed)
  2. Dr. Kamruddin Noor-PhD, Spain (Completed)
  3. Dr. Masud Rana Rasel-PhD, Portugal (Completed)
  4. Md Moinul Haque-PhD, Portugal
  5. Dr. Shushil Kumar Paul-PhD, JU, Bangladesh (Completed)
  6. Dr. Foyzul Hasan-PhD, USA(Completed)
  7. Kaiser Ahmed-PhD, USA
  8. Dr. Kamrul Islam Shahin-PhD, France (Completed)
  9. Kamrun Nahar Eity-PhD, Germany
  10. Nusrat Jahan Lisa-PhD, Germany
  11. Dr. Amanul Islam-PhD, China (Completed) 
  12. Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman-PhD, China (Completed) 
  13. Arif Hossen-PhD, MIST, Bangladesh
  14. Dr. Faisal Kabir-PhD, USA (Completed)
  15. Mohaimenuzzaman-PhD, Australia(Completed)
  16. Syed Arefinul Haque-PhD, USA
  17. Dr. Rejaul Karim-PhD, Japan (Completed)
  18. Sajib Ahmed-PhD, Portugal
  19. B. K. M Mizanur Rahman-PhD, IUT, Bangladesh
  20. Shah Md. Faisal-PhD, IUT, Bangladesh
  21. Manoj Banik-PhD, USA
  22. Dr. Fizar Ahmed-PhD, Hungary (Completed)
  23. Dr. Shah Alam Majumder-IUT, Bangladesh (Completed)
  24. Shakil Parvez- PhD, DU, Bangladesh
  25. Dr. Abdul Kadar Muhammad Masum-PhD, Malaysia (Completed)
  26. Dr. Firoz Mrida-PhD, JU, Bangladesh (Completed)
  27. Bulbul Ahamed-PhD, JU, Bangladesh
  28. Kazi Noor-E-Alam Siddique- Ph.D., MMU, Malaysia
  29. Ohidujjaman-PhD, Japan
  30. Siddiqur Rahman Roni-PhD, France (Completed)
  31. Rianun Zaman-PhD, Australia
  32. Sabera Haque-PhD, Australia
  33. Yasir Arafat-PhD, Australia
  34. Aiasha Siddika-PhD, USA
  35. Azizul Hakim-PhD, USA
  36. Abdullah All Tanvir-PhD, USA
  37. Shalima Binte Manir-PhD, USA
  38. Shuvasish Roy Dipto-PhD, USA

Some notable MSCSE UIU graduates doing jobs in Govt sectors:

  1. Gias Uddin Ahmed Bhy-Prime Minister office (Retired)
  2. Laxmi Chakraborty- NBR
  3. Sayda Fahmida Kayser-NBR
  4. Md. Abdul Lahil Kafi- Bangladesh Police
  5. Syed Rajib Rahman -Ministry of Family & Health Welfare
  6. K. M. Masudur Rahman Kamal- Election Commission
  7. Akhtaruzzaman- Election Commission
  8. Md. Mehfuz Bin Khaled- BTRC
  9. Md. Asaduzzaman- BTRC
  10. Didar-E-Kibria – ICT Division
  11. Jamil Ahmed Bhuiyan- ICT Division
  12. Sayed Mahfuz Mahmud Istiyak Ahmed-ICT Division
  13. Mimya Islam Choudhury-ICT Division
  14. Pronab Bindu Majumder- LGRD Institute
  15. Khaledun Nahar Babi- BCSIR
  16. Prakash Chandra Mondal-Bangladesh Bank
  17. Dr. Rezaul Karim-Bangladesh Bank
  18. Mr. Shakil Parvez-Bangladesh Bank
  19. Joyanta Kumar Bhowmick-Bangladesh Bank
  20. Serazm Monira-Bangladesh Bank
  21. Asif Iqbal-Dhaka University
  22. Farjana Sharmin-BUET
  23. Shariful Islam-Sonali Bank
  24. Mehedi Hasan Al Maji-Janata Bank
  25. Umme Shahida Binte Alam-Janata Bank
  26. Asaduzzaman- Rupali Bank
  27. Sabera Hoque-Sonali Bank
  28. Mahfuzul Islam- Dhaka Stock Exchange
  29. Khondakar Rakibul Hasan…. Major, Bangladesh Army
  30. Adil Raza…Officer, Bangladesh Airforce
  31. Shahjada Lata…Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police
  32. Momena Akter…Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police
  33. B. M. Anisuzzaman… Officer, Bangladesh Airforce
  34. Ashfaquer Rahat Siddique…Colonel, Bangladesh Army
  35. Md. Mohiuddin…Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police
  36. Md. Abdus Sobhan Mia… Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police
  37. Mostafa Salim Reza Mondal… Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police
  38. Elias Hossain… Officer, Cyber Security Unit, Bangladesh Police

MSCSE UIU Graduates doing jobs as faculty members in Foreign Universities & UGC Approved Universities in BD:

  1. Foyzul Hasan…Asstt Prof, CS, Univ of Michigan-Dearborn, USA
  2. Faisal Kabir…Asstt Prof, CS, Penn State Unv, Harrisburg, USA
  3. Kamruzzaman…Najran University, Saudi Arabia
  4. Kamruddin Noor…Professor, CS, AIUB
  5. Fizar Ahmed…Assistant Prof, Daffodil International University
  6. Firoz Mridha… Associate Prof, CS, AIUB
  7. Masud Rana Rasel…Assistant Prof, Daffodil University (On leave)
  8. Dr. Abdul Quadar Md Masum…Chairman, CSE, Islamic University Ctg (IIUC)
  9. Dewan Md. Farid…Professor, CSE, UIU
  10. Khairul Hasan Paris….Associate Prof, CSE, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
  11. Moinul Hoque…Associate Prof, Ahsanullah University
  12. Shah Md. Faisal…Assistant Prof, Ahsanullah University
  13. Hossain Arif…Assistant Prof, Brac University (Late)
  14. Ohiduzzaman… Assistant Professor, Daffodil University (On Leave for PhD Japan)
  15. Azizul Hakim…Senior Lecturer, Daffodil University(On Leave for Ph.D. USA)
  16. Bulbul Ahamed… Associate Prof and Head, CSE, Sonargaon University
  17. Shah Jalal Jamil…Lecturer, Sonargaon University
  18. B K M Mizanur Rahman…Assistant Professor, EEE, UIU
  19. Ms. Shamsun Nahar… Lecturer, World University
  20. Most Ayesha Siddika…Lecturer, City University
  21. Ms. Sadia Jahan…Lecturer, City University
  22. Kazi Noor e Alam Siddique…Assistant Prof and Proctor, USTC
  23. Nafees Muslim…Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU (On Study Leave)
  24. Nahid Hossain…Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU
  25. Rianon Zaman…CSE, ULAB (On Study Leave)
  26. Nusrat Jahan Lisa…Ahsanullah University(On Study Leave)
  27. Qamrun Nahar Eity…Ahsanullah University(On Study Leave)
  28. Ms Shamsun Nahar Poni…UODA
  29. Sanjida Khatun…Assistant Professor, Ahsanullah University
  30. Asif Ashraf Khan…Ahsanullah University (on leave)
  31. M. Masum Alam…South East University
  32. Ms. Sharmin Akter…City University
  33. Rayhan Ahmed…Assistant Professor, CSE, UIU
  34. Mousumi Ahmed Mimi…Lecturer, CSE, IUBAT

Notable MSCSE UIU graduates in the Banking sector in Bangladesh:

  1. Joyanta Kumar Bhowmick…DGM, BB
  2. Rezaul Karim… Joint Director, BB
  3. Shakil Pervez…Joint Director, BB
  4. Prakash Chandra Mondal… Joint Director, BB
  5. Sirajm Monira…Joint Director, BB
  6. Umme Shahida Binte Alam…Janata Bank
  7. Mehedi Hasan Almaji..Janata Bank
  8. Shariful Islam… Sonali Bank
  9. Sajjadul Imam…Sonali Bank
  10. Md Asaduzzaman…Sonali Bank
  11. Abu Nissan…Jamuna Bank
  12. Syed Ariful Bari…Al Arafah Islami Bank
  13. Tanvir Zubair…EBL
  14. Manik Sanyal…The City Bank
  15. A S M Mahfuz…Brac Bank
  16. Abdullah Al Masud…Trust Bank
  17. Wali Ullah…MTB
  18. Debasish Mondal…MTB
  19. Arifur Rahman… AB Bank
  20. Ariful Islam…AB Bank
  21. Borhanul Islam..Bank Asia
  22. Omar Faruk..Bank Asia
  23. Habibur Rahman…Islami Bank
  24. Earshad Hossain…Islami Bank
  25. Taifur Islam Akanda..Mercantile Bank
  26. Mahbub Ujjaman…Dutch Bangla Bank
  27. M Abdur Rouf…Prime Bank
  28. Sammi Akhter…Mercantile Bank
  29. Narayan Chandra Sarker..Dutch Bangla
  30. Imtiaz Ahmed…Dutch Bangla
  31. Osman Gani…Dutch Bangla
  32. Tamzidul Amin…Standard Bank
  33. Deloar Hossain…Bank Asia
  34. Sarwar Hossain…Social Islami
  35. Kh Asifur Rahman…South East
  36. Foyez Ahmed…South East
  37. Amir Hossain Sumon…Union Bank
  38. Hossain Al Mamun…Union Bank

Notable MSCSE UIU graduates working as Software Engr/System Analyst/Network Engr:

  1. Saidur Rahman-ICDDRB
  2. Assaduzzamn-ICDDRB
  3. Towhid Chy Probal
  4. Nasir Uddin
  5. Sk Moniruzzaman
  6. Nyamat Ullah-IBCS Primax
  7. Liakot Ali-IT Head, Walton
  8. Aksadur Rahman-Project Manager, eGeneration
  9. Syed Ishteaque Alam-Software Engineer
  10. Ms. Toufiqa Rahman
  11. Yousuf Zaman
  12. Mamunul Hasan
  13. Mehedi Hasan-Bit Mascot
  14. Rashedul Hasan-IBCS Primax
  15. Omar Siddique-IBCS Primax
  16. Nazrul Islam-IBCS Primax
  17. Zakia Sultana-IBCS Primax
  18. Zahidur Rahman-Afghanistan
  19. Shahriar Rahman-Sweden
  20. Faisal Ahmmed-
  21. Sakib Ibne Daud-
  22. Safiul Islam-
  23. Harun or Rashid-
  24. Proshanto Kumar-
  25. Nawshad Alam-
  26. Masuma Begum-
  27. Naznin Begum-
  28. Jafrin Islam Huda-Leads Software
  29. Sabbir Ahmed Siddique-
  30. Mokhlesur Rahman Maruf-
  31. Zahir Uddin-
  32. Kamrul Huda-
  33. Moniruzzaman-USA
  34. Sara Safrin-
  35. Rezaur Rahman-
  36. Shahadat Hossain-Morisas
  37. Shahadat Hossain Chowdhury-USA
  38. Harunur Rashid-Red Cross
  39. Mushfiqur Rahman-Samsung
  40. Maksudur Rahman-Samsung
  41. Nurul Huda
  42. Ashiq Al Majid-Malaysia

Top Organizations Where MSCSE Graduates Working:

  1. Bangladesh Bank
  2. Bangladesh Police
  3. Prime Minister Office
  4. UNDP
  5. Bangladesh Biman
  6. Ministry of Health
  7. Election Commission
  8. BTRC
  9. BRTA
  10. NBR
  11. Dhaka Stock Exchange
  12. ICDDRB
  13. NESCO
  14. ALICO
  15. Most of the Public and Private Banks
  16. Private Universities: UIU, BRAC University, BUBT, Stamford University, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, UODA, USTC, Daffodil International University, City University, The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, etc
  17. Renowned S/W Companies (TigerIT, eGeneration, Therap, Thakral…, etc.)
  18. Red Crescent International
  19. Access to Information (a2i)
  20. ICT Division

 [Last Update: Feb 23, 2024]

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