Important IT Services for Students of UIU

  1. Email Service: UIU is providing email addresses to each student with department and university domain name.

You have to login to your new mail account from The format of the mail id and password is given below with sample.

Format: <FirstLetterOfFirstName><LastName><Last6DigitOfID>@<ProgramName>

Sample 1:
Name: Khalid Shifullah
ID: 011161024
Default Password: Contact with IT

Sample 2:
Name: A. K. M. Khairul Alam
ID: 011161499
Default Password: Contact with IT

After you log in for the first time you’ll be asked to change your password. Once you change the password you’re ready to use the mail account.

  1. eLMS (eLearning Management System): Faculty members upload course materials in this site


Default Username: Student ID
Reset your password from this URL:

  1. UCAM: Grades, GPA, CGPA, accounts, course registration, evaluation etc.


Username: Student ID
Reset your password from this URL:

Registration slip will be emailed to your email address.

  1. Library website: Search Books and explore Check out/Check in history.


Default Username: Student ID

Password: Contact with IT

If you have any problems with any services, please contact the following

Center for IT Services (CITS)
5th Floor (Room# 518 & 525)
Hotline: 09604 UIU UIU (848 848)

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