Miscellaneous Courses

SerialCourse CodeCourse NameCredit Hour
1CSE 6043Graph Theory3.00
2CSE 6093Research Methodologies and Technical Writing3.00
3CSE 6141Computational Geometry3.00
4CSE 6163Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Databases3.00
5CSE 6071Advanced VLSI Design3.00
6CSE 6045Embedded System Design3.00
7CSE 6047Advanced Embedded System Design3.00
8CSE 6049Real Time Computing for Embedded Systems3.00
9CSE 6247Quantum Computing3.00
10CSE 6249Robotics3.00
11CSE 6251Augmented Reality3.00
12CSE 6253Human Computer Interaction3.00
13CSE 6255Biomedical Engineering3.00
14CSE 6257Neurocomputing3.00
15CSE 6303System Programming3.00
16CSE 6167Special Topic-I3.00
17CSE 6169Special Topic-II3.00

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