MSCSE(Major Health Informatics)


Students of this track must complete all the required prerequisite courses of existing MSCSE, UIU. Foundations of Health Informatics (CSE 5033), Basics of Biostatistics (CSE 5035), and Human Health and Diseases (CSE 5037) prerequisite courses are required for this track additionally. MSCSE admission committee will decide regarding the required prerequisite courses needed for each candidate. A pre-requisite course may be waived if that course or essentially the same course has been completed by the student at Undergraduate/Diploma/PGD level from a recognized institute, but the decision of waiver depends on the admission/equivalence committee.

Prerequisite Courses for Health Informatics Track:

SerialCourse CodeCourse NameCredit Hour
1CSE 5001Object Oriented Programming3.0
2CSE 5005Database Management Systems3.0
3CSE 5013System Analysis and Design3.0
4CSE 5019Structured Programming Language3.0
5CSE 5029Computer Networks3.0
6CSE 5031Data Structures and Algorithms3.0

Additional Prerequisite Courses for Health Informatics Track:

SerialCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hour
1CSE 5033Foundations of Health Informatics3.0
2CSE 5035Basics of Biostatistics3.0
3CSE 5037Human Health and Diseases3.0

Mandatory Courses for Health Informatics Track:

SerialCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hour
1CSE 6255Biomedical Engineering3.0
2CSE 6307Clinical and Health Information Systems3.0
3CSE 6221Decision Support System3.0

Note: MSCSE (Major Health Informatics) students must complete these three mandatory courses.

Optional Courses for Health Informatics Track:

SerialCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit Hour
1CSE 6207Data Analytics3.0
2CSE 6265Connected Health3.0
3CSE 6267Health Informatics Standards and Terminologies3.0
4CSE 6269Hospital Management System3.0
5CSE 6271Ethical Issues in Health Informatics3.0
6CSE 6011Data Mining3.0
7CSE 6027Image Processing3.0
8CSE 6277Security, Privacy and Regulations for Healthcare3.0
9CSE 6213Natural Language Processing3.0
10CSE 6281Consumer Health Informatics3.0
11CSE 6283Scientific and Clinical Data Management3.0
12CSE 6285Human Factors Engineering for Health Informatics3.0
13CSE 6287Health Information Exchange3.0
14CSE 6289Applied Statistical Methods for Biomedical Informatics3.0
15CSE 6291e-Health Record System3.0
16CSE 6293Business of Health Informatics3.0
17CSE 6295Healthcare Services Local and Global Perspectives3.0
18CSE 6297Public Health3.0
19CSE 6309Telehealth and mHealth3.0
20CSE 6253Human Computer Interaction3.0
21CSE 6153Bio-informatics and Computational Biology3.0
22CSE 6209Genomic Big Data3.0
23CSE 6145Cloud Computing3.0
24CSE 6001Advanced Database Systems3.0
25CSE 6235Requirements Engineering3.0
26CSE 6085Project Management3.0
27CSE 6081Telecommunication Engineering3.0
28CSE 6023Machine Learning3.0
29CSE 6197Internet of Things (IoT)3.0
30CSE 6305Wireless Body Area Network3.0

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