Undergraduate Projects
Sl. No.No. of StudentsProject TopicSupervisor
014Enhancing Performance of a Decision Tree by Reducing Training Instances and number of attributesDr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahaman
023Hill climbing search through the attribute Space to reduce the record load of Naive Baichin classifierDr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahaman
033Development of a Bangla decision tree for bengali character recognitionDr. Hasan Sarwar
043Development of Tele-consultancy System and Grade Prediction of studentDr. Hasan Sarwar
054Medical Diagnosis Using Machine Learning ToolsDr. Mohammad Nurul Huda
064Bangla traffic instruction detection and translationDr. Mohammad Nurul Huda
072Stochastic local Search for Pattern Set MiningDr. Swakkhar Shatabda
083Amader SchoolMr. Suman Ahmmed
093Music Networking site : ShoutVoltMd. Faisal Kabir
104Bangla Optical Character RecognitionDr Hasan Sarwar
113Educational Data Mining: A Mining Model for developing Student’s Programming SkillsDr. Dewan Md. Farid
123A Decision Support System for Arsenic Mitigation in BangladeshMd. Mamun Elahi
134Cost Effective Approach for Reducing Road Traffic CongestionMd. Mamun Elahi

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