Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan

Lead Engineer at Brain Station 23 Limited.


Md. Tazbir Ur Rahman Bhuiyan is currently working as a Lead Engineer at Brain Station 23 Limited. He has been working here for almost 4 years as a Senior Software Engineer from April 2016, and is promoted to Lead Engineer.

He started his career with Proggasoft in January 2011 as a Software Engineer. After that, he was promoted to Deputy team leader position gradually. After working for almost five years, he moved to Jijoty Inc. and joined as Senior Software Engineer in November 2015.

Tazbir is an excellent programmer with skill and dedication. He tries to follow international coding techniques & tries to maintain standards. He has a strong cover over .net stack and capable of working in out of box stacks such as Linux, mobile platform and desktop application. He also explored techs such as kubernetes, docker and block chain.

He completed his Bachelor of Science(BS) in Computer Science and Engineering at United International University in 2010. Faculties and his senior fellows of UIU loved him for his honesty and outstanding thinking capability. He was a brilliant student, and he has an in-depth knowledge of multiple technology stacks from his student life. He also involved with voluntary activities such as he worked as a Technical Trainer on IBM HyperLedger Fabric in Brain Station 23 Limited.


Tazbir is  productive, a multi-skilled person and he is an enthusiastic leader. He is a careful, self-motivated team player. With the understanding of design principles and software architecture, Tazbir can design and develop large scale projects, maintaining a professional relationship with fellow team members. He digs deep into a problem, and always seeks out the best solution available across multiple technology stacks. He has an excellent understanding of his work and is capable of handling technical difficulties.

He is a family centric guy. He loves to read quran and other book daily. He loves to run after Fazr and also loves to do cycling occasionally. He gives thanks to Allah for his success and grateful to UIU CSE faculty teachers.  In his early days in university he got his motivation to pursue programming career from honorable faculty teachers, friends and many tech figures. His immense passion to solve problems and hunger to make an impact using programming leads where he is today.

He always pushes his juniors to explore new things and motivate them to build up their career. Tazbir can be a great asset for the upcoming technological world.

Tazbir is closely related to UIU CSE Alumni Association and involved in various activities of association to develop the community.