Faculty Profile

Ahmed, Md. Rayhan

Assistant ProfessorEmail : rayhan@cse.uiu.ac.bd

MS.c– United International University. (2020)

BS.c– Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. (2015)

HSC– Dania College, Dhaka. (2009)

SSC– Matuail Bahumukhi High School. (2007)


  • Field: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Network Security, Internet of Things.
  • Topic: Speech Analysis, Signal, Sound & Image Processing, Medical Image Segmentation, Precision Farming & Automation in Agriculture and Software Defined Networks.

  1. Assistant Professor – Dept. of CSE, United International University. (Present)
  2. Senior Lecturer – Dept. of CSE, Stamford University Bangladesh. (25th March 2018 – 1st July 2021)
  3. Lecturer – Dept. of CSE, Stamford University Bangladesh. (9th May 2015 – 24th March 2018)
  4. Software Engineer – Brac IT Services (Bits). (10th December 2014 – 7th May 2015 )
  5. Adjunct Faculty – Dept. of CSE, Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology. (2016-2020)
  6. Adjunct Faculty – Dept. of EEE, Independent University Bangladesh. (2020)

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  7. Md. Rayhan Ahmed, “Leveraging Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning for Cotton Plant and Leaf Disease Recognition”, International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing (IJIGSP- Scopus indexed), Vol.13, No.4, pp. 47-62, 2021.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2021.04.04
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  11. Md. Mohsin, Md. Rayhan Ahmed, Tanveer Ahmed, “Closed Frequent Pattern Mining Using Vertical Data Format: Depth First Approach.” (IJSRSET-2015)


Object-Oriented Programming

Computer Networks

Operating System Concepts

Discrete Mathematics

Cryptography and Network Security (at IUB)

Database Management System (at SUB)

Advance Programming-Java (at SUB)

Discrete Mathematics (at SUB)

Data Communication (at SUB)



Pattern Recognition Lab

Computer Networks Lab

Introduction to Computer Systems

Artificial intelligence Lab (at AUST)

Advance Programming-Java Lab (at AUST)

Research project funding (Project Code: UIU/IAR/02/2021/SE/25 ) was received from Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), United International University in 2021. Grant: BDT 499,990.00 and duration: 12 months.

Project Title: Semantic Biomedical Image Segmentation Using Attention Mechanism Driven Modified U-Net Based on Deep CNN