Faculty Profile

Aadeeb, Shadman

LecturerMobile : 01712299121Email : shadman@cse.uiu.ac.bd

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering | Feb 2017 to March 2021
Military Institute of Science and Technology , CGPA : 3.88

Higher School Certificate (HSC)| 2016:
Bangladesh International School and College, GPA : 5

Secondary School Certificate(SSC)| 2014:
Bangladesh International School and College, GPA : 5


Champion (R&D), BASIS National ICT Awards 2022

  • Project – Nose-Teeth based Interaction with Mobile Devices for Disabled Users
  • Champion in the R&D subcategory under cross category
  • Reference Link [ref]

Champion, Medical Robotics Challenge for Contagious Diseases

  • Organized by Imperial College London
  • Competed against teams from around the globe and emerged as champion in the application category
  • Daily Star link [ref]

Champion, Tri Robo Cup Creative App Contest

  • Developed an app titled “MIST Blood Bank”
  • Reference Link [ref]
  • Competed against teams from reputed universities of Bangladesh

Academic Awards

  • MIST Dean’s List of honor – 2017
  • MIST Commandant’s List of honor – 2018 ,2019, 2020
  • Received University Merit Scholarship in Level 1 (Term 2), Level 2 (Term 1 and Term 2), Level 3 (Term 2) and Level 4 (Term 1 and Term 2)

University Lecturer [ref]| July 2021 to January 2023
Military Institute of Science and Technology

  • Prepared course materials for different subjects and conducted classes [ref]
  • Took  part in the management of different national competitions and seminars
  • Conducted AI short courses in collaboration with IDARE LLC for different reputed organizations including ICDDRB and National University [ref].
  • Conducted project development and research work in collaboration with other faculty members and students
  • Performed different administrative tasks

Software Quality Assurance Engineer [ref]| March 2021 to July 2021
Enosis Solutions

  • Took part in client meetings and performed requirement elicitation
  • Designed test plans based on the requirements
  • Prepared and executed test cases as per the test plans
  • Conducted issue analysis and prepared bug reports

Industrial Trainee| Dec 2019 to Jan 2020
BanglaTel Limited

  • Gained knowledge about the overall network infrastructure of Bangladesh
  • Got practically oriented with different networking devices


  • Islam MN, Aadeeb MS, Munna MM, Rahman MR. A deep learning based multimodal interaction system for bedridden and immobile hospital admitted patients: design, development and evaluation. BMC Health Services Research. 2022 Jun 21;22(1):1-26 (SJR Rank Q1, 5-year Impact Factor: 3.647 ).
  • Zaman A, Majib MS, Tanjim SA, Siddique SM, Islam S, Aadeeb MS, Khan NI, Haque R, Islam MR, Faisal MR, Malik S. UVC-PURGE: A Novel Cost-Effective Disinfection Robot for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic. IEEE Access. 2022 Mar 30;10:37613-34 (SJR Rank Q1, IF: 3.476 ).
  • Islam MN, Aadeeb MS, Khan RR, Munna MM, Sarwar M, Nasrin S, Islam AN. Developing a Novel Hands-Free Interaction Technique Based on Nose and Teeth Movements for Using Mobile Devices. IEEE Access. 2021 Apr 9;9:58127-41 (SJR Rank Q1, IF: IF: 3.476 ).
  • Islam MN, Aadeeb MS, Tasnim T, Khan NI and Razzak MA. Digital Health Intervention in Awareness, Screening and Treatment of Cervical Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda (Under Review).

Conference Proceedings:

  • Reza M, Aadeeb MS, Saleh SB, Islam MN. Towards Designing Intuitive Mobile UIs Considering Tapping Behaviour of Elderly Users. In International Conference on Design and Digital Communication 2022 (pp. 148-160). Springer, Cham (Scopus Indexed).
  • Rahi MM, Ema IJ, Aadeeb MS, Sharmin N. Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Web Based Military Unit Management System. In2022 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI) 2022 Jan 25 (pp. 1-6). IEEE.
  • Aadeeb MS, Munna MM, Rahman MR, Islam MN. Towards Developing a Hospital Cabin Management System Using Brain Computer Interaction. In International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications 2020 Dec 12 (pp. 212-224). Springer, Cham.



CMH Plasma Bank

  • An Android based system.
  • Developed for the management of plasma donation in CMH and AFIP [ref]

UVC-Purge V2.0

  • A semi-autonomous UVC disinfection robot named “UVC-PURGE”
  • Can be controlled using an Android App [ref]
  • Worked in a team and took part in the Medical Robotics Challenge for Contagious Disease 2020 organized by UK Robotics & Automation Society (UK-RAS) Network
  • Three champion teams were awarded- John Hopkins University (USA) in Innovation, Leeds University (UK) in Design and MIST (Bangladesh) in Application category [ref]
  • A Q1 journal article was published based on this project [ref]

Nose-Mobile Interaction System

  • An Android App for disabled users to interact with smartphones without using hands [ref]
  • A Q1 journal article was published based on this project [ref]

Hospital Cabin Management System

  • Thesis Project [ref]
  • Based on Convolutional Neural Network and YOLO algorithm
  • A Q1 journal article was published based on this project [ref]