Faculty Member

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"

Rahman, Mahbubur

LecturerEmail : mahbubur@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Rashid, Md. Rafi-Ur

LecturerEmail : rafiurrashid@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Raton, Md. Mahbub Hossain

LecturerEmail : mahbub@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Shaira, Adiba

LecturerEmail : adiba@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Saha, Shoumik

LecturerEmail : shoumik@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Rodela, Anika Tasnim

LecturerEmail : anika@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Somik, Samin Sharaf

LecturerEmail : samin@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Saha, Gourab

LecturerEmail : gourab@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Shahriar, Fahim

LecturerEmail : shahriar@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Shamil, Md. Salman

LecturerEmail : salman@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Shanto, Subangkar Karmaker

LecturerEmail : shanto@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Shibly, Mir Moynuddin Ahmed

LecturerEmail : moynuddin@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Shourav, Shoib Ahmed

LecturerEmail : shoib@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Sworna, Nabila Sabrin

LecturerEmail : nabila@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Zaman, Akib

LecturerEmail : akib@cse.uiu.ac.bd