Faculty Member

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"

Himu, Farhan Anan

LecturerEmail : himu@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Fariha Tabassum

LecturerEmail : fariha@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Ibnath, Muntaka

LecturerEmail : muntaka@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Islam, Md. Romizul

LecturerEmail : romizul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Sadia

LecturerEmail : sadia@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Kayem, Md. Hasan Al

LecturerEmail : hasan@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Md. Mohaiminul

LecturerEmail : mohaiminul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Khan, Irtesam Mahmud

LecturerEmail : mahmud@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Mazumder, Anik

LecturerEmail : mazumder@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Mazumder, Md. Mumtahin Habib Ullah

LecturerEmail : mumtahin@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Mushabbir, Mueeze Al

LecturerEmail : mushabbir@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Mehrab, Kazi Sajeed

LecturerEmail : sajeed@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Nawar, Quazi Farah

LecturerEmail : farah@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Rafid, Ali Haisam Muhammad

LecturerEmail : haisam AT cse DOT uiu DOT ac DOT bd

Rahman, Chowdhury Rafeed

LecturerEmail : rafeed@cse.uiu.ac.bd