Offering Lab Courses for Spring 2021

Publish Date : 13th December, 2020

Urgent Notice

Offering Lab Courses for Spring 2021


It is hereby notified for information of all concerned students of CSE Undergraduate Program that Department is going to offer the following Lab Courses finally for Spring 2021 Trimester. The Students who have not got the following courses in their course offerings in UCAM are asked to contact their Mentors/Program Office to add courses.

SL Course Code Course Title
1 CSE 1110 Introduction to Computer Systems
2 CSE 236 Assembly Programming Laboratory
3 CSE 324/CSE 3712 Computer Networks  Laboratory
4 CSE 426/CSE 4326 Microprocessor, Microcontroller and Interfacing Laboratory
5 CSE 430 Digital System Design Laboratory
6 CSI 212/CSE 1116 Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
7 CSI 222/CSE 3522 Database Management Systems Laboratory
8 CSI 310 Operating System Concepts Laboratory
9 CSI 312/CSE 3412 System Analysis and Design Laboratory
10 CSI 322/CSE 3422 Software Engineering Laboratory
11 CSI 342/CSE 3842 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
12 CSI 412 Compiler  Laboratory
13 CSI 416 Pattern Recognition Lab
14 CSI 422 Computer Graphics Laboratory
15 CSI 424 Simulation & Modeling Laboratory
16 CSI 122/CSE 1112 Structured Programming Language Laboratory
17 CSI 124 Advanced Programming Laboratory
18 CSE 2118 Advanced Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
19 CSI 218/CSE 2216 Data Structure Laboratory /Data Structure and Algorithms I Laboratory
20 CSI 228CSE 2218 Algorithms  Laboratory /Data Structure and Algorithms II Laboratory
21 CSE 124/EEE 2124 Electronics Lab
22 CSE 226/CSE 1326 Digital  Logic Design Lab
23 PHY 106/PHY 2106 Physics Lab


By order of the Head, CSE


Mir Mohammad Monir

Deputy Registrar, CSE Department


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