Recent publication of CSE faculty members in top IEEE Journal 

Publish Date : 22nd November, 2017

Recently a paper, titled “A Survey on Multicasting in Software-Defined Networking“, authored by CSE faculty members, Dr. Salekul Islam and Mr. Nasif Muslim, and Dr. J. William Atwood (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Concordia University, Canada) has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. This journal has the highest impact factor (17.18) among all IEEE journals.


Abstract of the paper:
Existing surveys of research into Software-Defined Networking (SDN) make only minimal mention of multicasting.  We present a survey of existing multicast routing protocols in IP multicast, and a survey of existing and proposed multicast routing algorithms in SDN multicast.  Each of these protocols/algorithms is designed to optimize a slightly different metric, under specific constraints, so we contrast the approaches based on the optimization goal. We then present a survey of existing and proposed approaches to security for IP multicast and SDN multicast. This reveals a striking lack of breadth in the research in the topic of SDN multicast security.
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