National Hackathon 2016: Team UIU became the Champions Again

Publish Date : 9th April, 2016

National Hackathon 2016

National Hackathon 2016 was held in 6-7th April at PSC Convention Hall. It brings out social public related issues and the participants have to solve problems with their innovative ideas. It is a globally recognized marathon coding event. Participants get the chance to show their skills in this competition.

UIU teams have achieved victory from this well recognized competition. There were ten categories in this competition. UIU teams have showed outstanding performance by securing positions in the three categories. Team Code Breakers won the first position in “Marine Resource” category. Team Tessaract became the first Runner-up in the “Sustainable Tourism” category and Team Droids secured the second Runner-up position in the “Energy Efficient” category. Also, UIU team was the champion back in National Hackathon 2014.

Team Code Breakers:
Mubasshir Ahmad
Sabbir Arif Siddque
Mohammad Ali
Asif Mahbub
Md. Readowan Arafeen

Team Tessaract:
Md.Zakir Hossen
Takvir Imran
Amit Ghosh
Hamudi Hasan Sonet
Arefean Rahman

Team Droids:
Shamima Nasrin
Golam Kibria
Kayhan Sarup
Abdur Rahim
Fahad Uddin



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