Faculty Member

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"
nafis muslim

Muslim, Nasif

Assistant ProfessorEmail : nasif@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Adilina, Sheikh

LecturerEmail : adilina@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Ahmad, Farzana Yasmin

LecturerEmail : farzana@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Ahmed, Sajid

LecturerEmail : sajid@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Anik, Md. Saidul Hoque

LecturerEmail : anik@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Ashkari, Arman

LecturerEmail : ashkari@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Bashir Minhajul

LecturerEmail : minhajul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Fahmin, Ahmed

LecturerEmail : ahmedfahmin@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Haque, Md. Rakibul

LecturerEmail : rakibul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Hassan, Md. Abir

LecturerEmail : ahassan@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Hossain, Mohammad Imam

LecturerEmail : imam@cse.uiu.ac.bd, imambuet11@gmail.com

Hossain, Nahid

LecturerEmail : nahid@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Islam, Adnanul

LecturerEmail : adnanul@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Islam, Md. Mirajul

LecturerEmail : miraj@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Jahangir, Khushnur Binte

LecturerEmail : khushnur@cse.uiu.ac.bd