Faculty Member on Leave

"Names are appeared in order of official rank and first alphabet of the last name"
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Rahman, S.M. Monzurur, Phd

ProfessorEmail : smr@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Kabir, Md. Faisal

Assistant Professor (Study Leave)Email : faisal@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Siddiky, Feroz Ahmed

Senior Lecturer (Study Leave)Email : fasiddiky@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Arafat, Naheed Anjum

Lecturer (Study Leave)Email : arafat@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Anwary, Arif Reza

Asst. Professor.Email : arif@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Azam, Samiul

Asst. ProfessorEmail : samiul@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Rubya, Sabirat

Lecturer (Study Leave)Email : sabirat@cse.uiu.ac.bd
Islam, Md. Jahidul

Islam, Md. Jahidul

Asst. ProfessorEmail : jahid@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Zohra, Fatema Tuz

Asst. ProfessorEmail : fatema@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Jameel, Abu Shafin Mohammad Mahdee

Assistant ProfessorEmail : mahdee@cse.uiu.ac.bd
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Nurain, Novia

Asst. Professor (On Study Leave)Email : novia@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Rahman, Md. Khaledur

Asst. Professor (On Study Leave)Email : khaledur@cse.uiu.ac.bd; khaled.cse.07@gmail.com
Mahbuba Afrin

Afrin, Mahbuba

LecturerEmail : mahbuba@cse.uiu.ac.bd

Ahmad, Imtiaz

Lecturer (On Study Leave)Email : imtiaz@cse.uiu.ac.bd
kamrul hasan

Hasan, Md. Kamrul

Lecturer Email : kamrul@cse.uiu.ac.bd