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Highly qualified 40 full time faculty members with 7 PhDs from universities of North America, Australia, UK, Japan and Europe. Currently, the Department has 7 PhDs, 7 MScs, 24 BScs and designation-wise there are 3 Professor, 3 Associate Professors, 7 Assistant Professors, 1 Senior Lecturer and 26 Lecturers.

Since its inception in January 2004, CSE Department of UIU has already shown its remarkable progress towards becoming one of the best engineering Departments in the country to pursue undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering (B.Sc. in CSE). The healthy relationship between the faculty and the students is a major strength for which CSE department of UIU stands clearly ahead of others.

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Research Area of CSE Faculties


Name Designation Highest Qualification Specialization Total experience in teaching/research industry/organization
Prof. Dr. Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman Professor Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Bangla Computing 21 yrs & 11 months
Prof. Dr. Hasan Sarwar Professor Ph.D. Bangla Computing, Software Engineering, Telemedicine and E-Health, Nano-Optics 18 yrs
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nurul Huda Professor Ph.D. Machine Translation, Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Bangla Computing  11 yrs & 2 months
Dr. Khondaker Abdullah Al Mamun Associate Professor Ph.D. Bio-medical engineering, Deep Learning, Health Informatics  8 yrs & 7 months
Dr. Salekul Islam Associate Professor Ph.D. Wireless and Mobile Communications, Network Security, Cloud Computing  7 yrs
Dr. Dewan Md. Farid Associate Professor Ph.D.  Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data 6 yrs
Dr. Swakkhar Shatabda Asst. Professor  Ph.D. Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Optimization  4 yrs & 6 months
Mr. Suman Ahmmed Asst. Professor  M.Sc. Deep Learning, Optimization, Machine Learning  14 yrs & 7 months
Mr. Mohammad Mamun Elahi Asst. Professor  M.Sc. Wireless and Mobile Communications, Network Security  14 yrs &  6 months
Mr. Md. Benzir Ahmed Asst. Professor  M.Sc. Software Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks  14 yrs & 10 months
Mohammad Moniruzzaman Asst. Professor M.Sc.
Ms. Novia Nurain Asst. Professor M.Sc. Distributed Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks 4 yrs & 2 months
Mr. Abu Shafin Mohammad Mahdee Jameel Asst. Professor M.Sc.
Mr. Md. Khaledur Rahman Asst. Professor M.Sc.
Ms. Tanjina Helaly Sr. Lecturer M.Sc. Software Engineering, Wireless Sensor Networks 12 yrs & 11 months
Mr. Sanjay Saha Lecturer B.Sc. Data Mining, Machine Learning 2 yrs & 7 months
Mr. Naheed Anjum Arafat Lecturer B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence, Optimization 7 months
Mr. Nasif Muslim Lecturer M.Sc. Wireless and Mobile Communications, Network Security, Embedded System 1 yr
Mr. Muhammad Tasnim Mohiuddin Lecturer B.Sc. Delay tolerant networks, Social Network analysis 3 months
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Lecturer B.Sc. Algorithms, Machine Learning 7 months
Mr. Khandokar Md. Nayem Lecturer B.Sc. Algorithms, Bangla Computing 11 months
Ms. Samiha Samrose Lecturer B.Sc. Human Computer Interaction 3 months
Mr. Md. Mofijul Islam Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Mahbuba Afrin Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Md. Nasim Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Zarrin Tasnim Sworna Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Samia Kabir Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Maitraye Das Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Khairul Mottakin Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Shantanu Shipan Sarker Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Md. Jamshed Quaium Khan Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Khushnur Binte Jahangir Lecturer B.Sc.
Ms. Samia Shafique Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Md. Abdullah-Al-Maruf Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Tamjid-Al-Rahat Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Arif Arman Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Minhajul Bashir Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Md. Ashraful Islam Lecturer B.Sc.
Mr. Ahamed Al Nahian Lecturer B.Sc.
Euna Mehnaz Khan Lecturer B.Sc.
Amatur Rahman Lecturer B.Sc.
S.M.Farabi Mahmud Lecturer B.Sc.
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