Urgent Notice!!! Sections Dropped

Publish Date : 31st January, 2017

Urgent Notice!!! 

CSE (Undergraduate) Students


The following sections have been dropped due to the poor number of students in the aforesaid sections. Students who have already taken these sections are asked to contact to the departments immediately and change their sections by 02 February, 2017 (Thursday).

SL. Course Code Course Title Section
01. CSE 123 Electronics D
02. CSE 124 Electronics Lab. C
03. CSE 430 Digital System Design Lab C
04. CSE 471 Advanced Object Oriented Programming (Option II) B
05. CSE 477 Network Security A
06. CSI 121 Structured Programming Language NF
07. CSI 233 Theory of Computing D
08. CSI 309 Operating System Concepts B
09. CSI 312 System Analysis and Design Laboratory SD
10. CSI 322 Software Engineering Laboratory C
12. CSI 342 Artificial Intelligence Laboratory C
13. PHY 106 Physics Lab. NA
14. PHY 106 Physics Lab. NE
15. PSY 101 Psychology A



Mir Mohammad Monir

Assistant Registrar, CSE

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