[Revised] Section Dropped

Publish Date : 2nd July, 2020

Section Dropped (Revised)

The following sections have been dropped due to a poor number of registered students for Summer 2020 trimester.

Course Code Course Title Section
CSE 236 Assembly Programming Laboratory B
CSI 222 Database Management Systems Laboratory A
CSI 312 System Analysis and Design Laboratory A
CSI 412 Compiler Laboratory A
CSE 1115 Object-Oriented Programming B
MATH 003 Elementary Calculus A
MATH 201 Coordinate Geometry and Vector Analysis D
MATH 2183 Calculus and Linear Algebra D


The students who are still registered in the above courses are asked to change their section by contacting Dept. immediately. If conflict, then drop the course(s).


Mir Mohammad Monir
Deputy Registrar

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