Pre-advising (Course Selection), SUMMER 2018 Trimester

Publish Date : 2nd April, 2018

Course Pre- Advising of CSE Dept. for SUMMER 2018 trimester will be held on APRIL 10 (Tuesday), 2018 to APRIL 12 (Thursday), 2018.

Students can complete pre-advising by using On-line: can complete pre-advising at University/at home or any other place outside of UIU.


1st & 2nd Probationary students will be allowed to pre-advise only. Block will be opened by the department after collecting the probation letters. They will not be allowed to take any new course.

3rd Probationary students will not be allowed to pre-advise. They are advised to bring their guardians at the time of collecting probation letter. 

All Probationary students are asked to collect a probation letter from Syda Nayma Zarin, Executive, Department of CSE (4th floor).


Please carefully select the courses in order to avoid time conflicts both class routine and exam routine.


Dr. Salekul Islam

Head, Dept. of CSE

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