Pre-Advising of BSCSE Thesis and Projects

Publish Date : 26th December, 2017

All students who intends to undertake undergraduate thesis / project (CSE 400) from the next trimester are asked to submit the topic preference in the prescribed form within 18th of January, 2018 (strict deadline). Only those who will submit the form within this deadline will be allowed to register for thesis/project the next trimester.

Please check the topic list for thesis/projects and decide your preference list. You might form a group of 3-4 students and specify your topic preference (upto maximum 4). You can not choose multiple topics under the same supervisor. If you are not able to form a group, you still require to submit the preference list as a single member group. If you have already started working with any supervisor you might specify that in the Remarks section. However, department will finalize your thesis/project selection according to the availability of the supervisor, your group CGPA, etc. To know more about the topics, please contact the tentative supervisors and discuss with them.

Please use the following form to submit your preferences:

(you have to collect your username and password for this website from webmaster, Mr. SM Jabid Hasan.  Please note, only one student has to submit the form.

Here is brief outline on how you distinguish between thesis and project:

Register for thesis project 2+2 credits in two different trimesters. Mean time for completion of thesis/project is 1 year or three trimesters.

Common to Thesis and Project:
Report Submission
Defense via Oral Presentation (within 3 trimesters of last registration)

Specific to Thesis:
More theoretical Basis

In depth Literature Review
A research question with hypothesis
Selection or development of Methodology
Analysis of Results directed towards research hypothesisSpecific to Project:
Specific to solving a problem and creating a tool
Less intensive literature review
Restrictive Hypothesis
Well Engineered Software or Tool as a product
Results demonstrated by documentation of the development process and usability

See the list and consult prospective supervisors for further information.

Faculty Name Proejct/Thesis Title
Chowdhury Mofizur Rahman
Development of Hybrid Learning Algorithm
Document retrieval system using SVD technique
Mining admission data of UIU students
Development of Evolutionary algorithm for optimization task
Performance analysis of clustering algorithms
Experiments with constraint satisfaction problem
Finding optimal move in chess end game
Study of Planning algorithms
Facial expression detection
Suman Ahmmed Thesis: Designing and Proposing a Platform for Age Based IT and Innovation Learning
Proposing an Online Platform for Learning ICT for Primary/ High School/College Level Students
Implementation of E-Commerce/Online Education site incorporating Data Mining Techniques
Proposing an Online Learning Games Platform for Primary/ High School Level Students
Study and Proposed Platform for ICT Outsourcing Learning
Salekul Islam Network Intrusion Detection using Data Mining
Edge computing for the Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Trustworthiness in Big Data and Cloud Computing Systems
Enhancing Big Data processing through Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Multicasting in Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Hasan Sarwar Development of a system for Noise Elimination from Old Bangla Printed Documents
Development of a system for identifying and improving mental health
Management of Electronic Health Record and Prediction of health status for Kidney patients
Development of Software applications of various types
Study the impact of socio-economic factor on the dropping out of students in the intermidate and tertiary level
Study on Software Process Improvement framework for Bangladeshi small and mid level companies
Dewan Md. Farid Learning from High-dimensional Multi-class Imbalance Data
Ensemble Learning for Mining Big Data
Feature Selection for High-dimensional Imbalanced Data
Ensemble Approach for Novel Detection in Data Streams
Multi-Class Active Learning
Feature Sampling for Ensemble Clustering of High-dimensional Data
Dr Mohammad Nurul Huda Shortest Path Calculation for public transport planning
Software for computing graph parameters
Modeling and analyzing financial market datasets
Using speech to play games
Automatic Extraction of Information from textual financial data
Support Vector Machine for face recognition
Mohammad Moniruzzaman Application of big data tools in data science
Application of big data tools in data analytics
Application of big data tools in business intelligence
Application of big data tools in hybrid cloud environment
Develop a ride sharing system using cloud computing and big data analytics
Mohammad Mamun Elahi Study and analysis of optimal Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Performance
Design and implementation of police-based Firewall in enterprise networks
Network penetration testing using Kali Linux
Hardening operating system towards cyber-security
Detecting threats and vulnerabilities for network discovery and security auditing
Exploring IOT Application Using Raspberry Pi
Study and analysis of clustering algorithms for grouping vehicles in VANETs
Developing applications for Internet of Things (IoT) based systems
Tamjid Al Rahat Nodule Detection In Medical Image(CT scan)
Natural Language Processing(NLP) in Deep Learning
Swakkhar Shatabda Study of Hard Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Developing Neural Network Based Applications
Md. Saddam Hossain Sleeping disorder identification from social media by using machine learning techniques
Predicting life events from social media usage
Dr. Khondaker A. Mamun Human Machine Interface (HMI)/ Human Computer Interface (HCI)

  • Development of Digital Augmentative and Alternative communication Tools for nonverbal kids
  • Design, Development and Usability analysis of a Smart Cane for persons with Visual Impairments
  • Tongue Movement Ear Pressure signals for developing assistive HMI/HCI
  • Design and Development of a Smart Wheel-Chair to redefine independent mobility for Disables
  • Investigation of ATM System Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments in Bangladesh
  • Investigation to open up a new world of opportunities for disabled people with refurbished computers
  • Technology to enhance communication and education of disable children
  • Evaluation of Bangla Speech to Sign Language Translation System
  • Tongue Movement Ear Pressure signal for developing automatic voice recognizer/generator
  • Tongue Movement Accelerometer signals for developing assistive HMI/HCI
  • Investigation of signal processing and pattern classification algorithm to improve HMI/HCI performance

Brain Machine Interface (BMI)

  • Brain Machine Interface Research in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Deep brain local field potential (LFP) signals for developing smart/demand driven deep brain stimulation (DBS)
  • Investigation of signal processing and pattern classification algorithm to improve the performance of DBS/BMI
  • Algorithm for developing Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography based BMI.
  • Algorithm for developing EEE based BMI.
  • Algorithm for developing LFP based BMI.

Medical Intervention

  • Development of a mobile (smart-phone or tablet) based interactive and automated tool for screening autism
  • Development of a mobile (smart-phone or tablet) based interactive and automated tool for identifying developmental delay
  • Design and development of Action-based Exergames for Rehabilitation of Children with Cerebral Palsy
  • Cloud Based Framework for Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring System for Remote Healthcare Applications
  • CMED : Cloud based Medical System for Rural Health Monitoring in Developing Countries
  • A Wearable Fetal Movement Monitor for Prenatal Care in LIC Community Medicine
  • Algorithm for improving automatic Dysphagia detection
  • sEMG based Myoguide MAP for diagnosing lower back pain (LBP)
  • Smart phone based Glucose meter
  • Application of smart device (phone /tablet) for health monitoring and/or management
  • Squeeze Machine: A tool for reducing Anxiety for Children with ASD

Higher Education

  • Analysis of world university ranking systems
  • Integration of Web Technology for Evaluating Quality Matrices in Higher Education
  • Investigation to Evaluate Quality Metrics for Higher Education in Bangladesh
  • Development of a generic university ranking system
  • Technology enhancement / integration in the education system to improve learning environment.
  • Impact analysis of distance learning in developing countries.

Biometric & Biomarker

  • Handwriting for Biometric Authentication
  • Physiological signal identification for biomarker
  • Pattern recognition of physiological changes related to activity engagement

Smart System for Lifestyle (IoT)

  • Smart Phone Applications for Health Monitoring and Lifestyle Management
  • Smart Home Systems for Digital Lifestyle
  • Smart Home Automation System: The Future, Applications and Challenges
  • Creating Opportunities for Disables using mobile technology

Intelligent System for Business Productivity

  • Intelligent Systems for efficient service delivery
  • Promoting Self-employment of Persons with Physical Disabilities through Information Technology (IT)
  • Development of automatic vehicle Tracking, Security and Management system
  • Intelligent Property Management System for increasing productivity
  • BDRider: A smart vehicle sharing and tracking system (mobile and web based application)
  • Development of Smart Sales tracking and management system



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