[MSCSE] Advising for Summer-2020

Publish Date : 1st May, 2020

Advising for Summer-2020

(Course and Section Selection)

Course Pre Advising of MSCSE Program for Summer-2020 trimester will be held from May 2, 2020 to May 5, 2020. Please be informed that all kind of blocks have been withdrawn except disciplinary. In case of any other difficulties, students are advised to contact the MSCSE Executive over phone/email during 8.30 AM – 4.30 PM.

Please Note:

  1. Student must follow the class schedule of every course that s/he intends to take.
  2. DO NOT take any conflicting schedule (two courses at the same time).
  3. First complete course selection and then move to section and time selection.
  4. Students must complete the Course Evaluation before advising to unblock their advising option.


Contact Person:

Ayesha Akter
Executive, MSCSE Program, UIU
Mobile No.: 01729-584759


Course advising and Registration (Section Selection) will be held from May 15, 2020 to May 19, 2020.


Instructions for Advising in UCAM

All MSCSE students are requested to complete their Pre-advising & Advising for Summer-2020 through the website: ucam.uiu.ac.bd

 How to Log in?

  1. Please visit UCAM and type your Student Id as login ID and password which was provided earlier.
  2. If login attempt is successful, please enter your email address & continue, if it is asked.
  3. If you cannot log in or cannot remember your password, please contact and collect it from the MSCSE Program Office.



How to do Course Selection?

  1. To take new courses, go to Pre-advising (New Course) tab under Registration menu.
  2. To take retake courses, go to Pre-advising (Retake Course) tab under Registration menu.


In both cases click “Click to Take” button to take a course and click “Click to Remove” button to remove a course that you have already taken.


How to do Section Selection?

  1. For selecting section, go to Section Selection & Registration tab under the Registration menu.
  2. Then Select/Change your preferred section.


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