Final Year Project Defense / Fall 2019

Publish Date : 26th January, 2020

Schedule for Final Year Design Project Defense, Fall 2019


The FYDP defense for Fall 2019 will be held on February 3, 2020 Monday from 9:00 AM in the following rooms as per schedule. Please note that Supervisors have different groups at different rooms at different times. In each room two faculty members will conduct the presentation session.


Venue Room 405 Room 406 Room 408 Room 409
Section A B D C
Faculty Member Dr. Saddam Hossain Mukta / Mr. Md Adnanul Islam Professor Salekul Islam /Mr. Nahid Hossain Dr Swakkhar Shatabda /  Mr. Chowdhury Rafeed Rahman Professor AKM Muzahidul Islam / Sajid Ahmed
9:00 A2 (MNH) B3 (SS) D3 (DMF) C4 (SA)
9:15 A1 (SaIm) B4 (SS) D1 (AKMMI) C2 (HS)
9:30 A5 (MME) B2 (SA) D8 (NAHID) C5 (HS)
9:45 A4 (CRR) B6 (SA) D4 (NAHID) C7 (MNH)
10:00 A6 (SA) B1(NAHID) D5 (ADNAN) C1 (SaIm)
10:15 A3 (AKMMI) B5(ADNAN) D7 (SA) C6 (SaIm)
10:30   B7 (SAJID) D2 (SA) C3 (SHM)
10:45     D6 (SA)  



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