UIU-Intra University Programming Camp

Publish Date : 10th September, 2016

Dept of CSE,UIU is going to arrange UIU-Intra University Programming Camp, only for UIU Students.
At first a strict rule. Please do not register until you are fully motivated and have free time from 27 Sep to 30 Sep[from 10AM to 5PM]. If you are selected and do not attend all the classes and contests then I promise you that you will be Back , Red color listed. Moreover, you will be disqualified from any further programming related events and contest.

Registration link: http://goo.gl/4jOhdC
Tentative Curriculum for the Camp: http://goo.gl/Mk44xR

**** If you know most of the topics listed in the curriculum, then please do not register. Give chance to your juniors. We also giving more weight to the junior students in the selection.

**** See the curriculum carefully, especially the perquisite topics. Because we assume that you have a sound knowledge on the prerequisite topics. So it will be better to complete all the prerequisite topics before the camp. You can use the following blog to learn the prerequisite topics and prepare yourself, www.shafaetsplanet.com/planetcoding/

Selection Criteria:
1. You have to attend two online selection contests which will be held on 24 and 25 September. Time will be announced latter, Keep your eyes in the event page.
2. The selection contests will be held in Hust. If we detect any forms of plagiarism then you will be disqualified not only from this camp but also from all the future programming related events.
3. Top 30 students from these selection contests will be selected for the camp.
4. We will give weight to the junior and those complete the previous Competitive programming season. But if you outperform in the Selection contest then you will be selected, regardless whether you attend any competitive programming season or not. So workd hard for the selection contests.

**Selection contest time and link will be announce later.


Event Link: https://web.facebook.com/events/589871264510087/

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