NCPC-2017 Preliminary Contest

Publish Date : 22nd January, 2017

Dear students,
NCPC(National Collegiate Programming Contest)-2017 is knocking at the door. Last date of online registration is February 07, 2017. So, you should complete your online registration for preliminary contest by February 07, 2017 to avoid any kind of difficulties. Any team can participate in this contest regardless of junior senior. If your team can write the HelloWorld program then your team is the perfect candidate of this contest.

Specially for juniors, it is not matter whether you can solve any problem or not. Just try once that will be enough. NCPC should come once in a year, but it is rare. So, don’t think about next time. Who knows that you can get that chance on not.

Registration Process:
1. Go to this link:
You can get coach details from here: . You can choose any of the faculty     as your coach.
2. Fill up the online form carefully and submit.
*** Your team name should be in the following format: UIU_{your team name}.
3. You are free to choose anyone as your coach form the list of coach in the excel sheet linked in point 4. Except 4 teams, they have already been assigned coaches.
4. After that fill up the team details in the google from:

Note: Any kind of complexities, contact with your seniors or teachers. Don’t hesitate to ask about any kind of help.

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