Awareness Program on Cloud Computing and Big data

Date: 5th May, 2015 - 5th May, 2015

Venue : UIU Auditorium

Cloud computing is not a buzz word or topic of research anymore. This is a proven fact in the world.

As software and web development industry in our country rely mostly on outsourcing and making software for international market, it is high time we should focus on Cloud Computing and Big Data service and embed the concepts early in our learning phase.
With this mission, we are arranging seminars on Cloud computing and Big Data service in universities.

What we are going to cover:
1. What is cloud computing
2. Why it is in demand
3. What is happening in the IT world
4. What is the current demand situation in our market
5. What will be the demand in near future in Bangladesh and entire world
6. What you need to do to get ready about it
7. What type of preparation you need to take
8. Where you can start
9. Introduction to Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure
10. Case study how we applied scalability in our application

Md. Jalal Uddin, CEO, Dev Skill
Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair, Sr. Software Engineer, Dev Skill

This event is open for all. No registration or tickets required.

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